HST Exclusive IMA Chappy 100
IMA Chappy 100 Black Back Sparkle is the newest model Chappy 100 to the already quite extensive range. This model though is even more exclusive as it is only available through High Street Tackle, as the colour is my own design.
IMA Komomo SF125 MRD
The Brand New IMA Komomo SF125 MRD…..
Fiiish Crazy Sandeel Sizes - 2022
With the launch of the 2022 catalogue Fiiish HQ decided to align the sizing convention for the Crazy Sandeel/Paddletail families. The quick and simple explanation is that the 120 and 180 models have been assigned Size numbers now, meaning that the previous...
Soft Plastics A Team Box
Borne from ideas discussed with several of my friends and a combined desire to help people, especially those starting out, this selection was launched some time ago but only available by messaging us….due to its popularity it is now available to buy...