Fiiish UK - Seriola Sportfishing 24/05/24
Fiiish UK - Seriola Sportfishing Trip 24/05/24
Seriola Sportfishing 09/05
After an incredible lack of sleep yesterday I left home for yesterdays trip out of Falmouth aboard Seriola with Gary Thomas and a bunch of friends that happen to be extremely good fisherman….Having driven to the secret rendezvous point through a lot...
The Fiiish Clinic....
The High Street Tackle Fiiish Clinic….
First Boat Trip 2024
The first boat lure fishing trip of the year, 2024
HST Exclusive IMA Chappy 100
IMA Chappy 100 Black Back Sparkle is the newest model Chappy 100 to the already quite extensive range. This model though is even more exclusive as it is only available through High Street Tackle, as the colour is my own design.