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ABU Superior and Revo ALX Theta

Over the last couple of years ABU Garcia have released some of the reels previously only available for the Japanese market to the UK. First was the Superior, for less than £100 a very light and smooth reel very suited to lure fishing customers. The second model was the Revo ALX Theta - be aware that the Revo family of reels is quite a large one with most already avaiable in the UK, it is the ALX Theta that became newly available. This range is priced at just over £200 again very light and smooth and aimed again at lure anglers predominantly.

Rather than reading my sales pitch or the manufacturers, this article is comprised of words previously published by two customers that I convinced to use these reels - knowing that both of them are die hard Shimano fans I was very keen to hear their honest feedback. The first review is from Sean concerning the Revo ALX that he has owned for over a year now. Sean fishes from his own boat and from the shore, he fishes hard and every year catches plenty of good fish for his efforts…..

I'm now in my second season using the Revo and I thought I'd give a little update. 

I added the Revo to the collection early last season when we had a shortage of quality reels in stock within the UK. The Revo I would say is a comparison to the Shimano Stradic on price and spec. Using mostly Shimano's over the years I did have my doubts if the Revo could match or get even close to the quality and longevity that the Stradic had provided. 

Most of my shore fishing is in fast moving water and I prefer the calmer conditions, I'm not one for wading out in the surf so most of gear avoids a dunking in the salt. Firstly, let's be clear, the Revo is not waterproof and won't like submerging without causing some future issues, same goes for the Stradic and even the Slammer from what I've seen. If you like to go swimming with your reels then I'd recommend a VS. I've read several reviews elsewhere that suggested the Revo was a fully waterproof reel but that is not the case. 

For in the hand feel and quality the Revo doesn't disappoint. Light and compact and comes with a quality knob, has all the styling of any modern reel and perhaps looks even better than the Shimano counterpart. Out the box it feels super smooth on the turn as one would expect with any reel but a year or more in the Revo is still holding up and with no noticeable clunk's or irritating noise. As smooth as the Revo feels though I still think the Stradic edges this one. I should add that none of my reels have received any servicing over winter just the usual wash down in fresh water after each session. 

One area of concern I had in the early days was the Revo had a slightly less drag rating compared to the equivalent sized Stradic and with fishing fast water I was keen to get stuck into decent fish over 60cm to put her to the test. Again, I wasn't disappointed, and the Revo performed perfectly while playing in decent fish in the faster flow. Some areas I fish require the clutch wound down a bit to steer fish away from boulders and snags and again no issues recorded. I sort of conclude that we should be enjoying this moment while hooked into a lump and have full confidence in the gear we are using.

Moving on from shore fishing many of you will know I spend quite a bit of time afloat. The Revo again performed last season without fault, fishing shallow reefs mostly with hard lures.  Again, I can only echo what I mentioned earlier that the Revo is more than happy as part of a light setup and this more than suits my boating needs. On one occasion when the setup was the only one I had available it was put through its paces while boat fishing in a proper rip casting and bouncing 40-60g Minnows, admittedly it wouldn't be my first choice of reel for this application due to size but I again it couldn't be faulted on the day with several decent fish landed. 

The review continues into year 2 and hopefully we can get the Revo opened up for a service and an update on the internal workings. 


Next up is Rhys, based in the Isle of Wight he also fishes hard once conditions are right. Both for himself and his guiding clients. Again knowing that he only uses reputable tackle that he feels is up to the job I was keen to hear his thoughts on the ABU Superior 2500…I was pleasantly surprised when he posted the following on a large Facebook group as testament to the reel…

So I got this light reel to go a rod that I want to use for weightless soft plastic work and being on a budget, was looking at Shimano stuff but couldn’t seem to find anything in stock to match the spec I wanted and within budget. Danny recommended this Abu Superior to me, I’ll admit, I was a little dubious as it’s been a while since I used an Abu reel! Well after hammering it so far this season, with light 16lb braid in all conditions with fish to mid 60’s, daylight and darkness I feel like I’ve given it enough of a workout to recommend it - it’s a whole lot of reel for under £90 (with UKBLF discount) The drag is silky smooth and it’s handled the braid impeccably. I especially liked the shallow spool on the 2500 size I got so no need to add backing. 

If you’re looking for a sub £100 reel then honestly, I can’t recommend this enough, it’s every bit as good as previous Stradics I’ve owned! 

I am sure you will agree these are two very supportive reviews of the two models by two people who have no vested interest in providing them they just do lots of fishing and are happy to provide their version of feedback for me. To buy either of these models then click the link…

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