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IMA Lipper 120

IMA Lipper 120

The Lipper 90 has been around for some time now and has a unique shallow diving wake action. Late in 2021 the brand new IMA Lipper 120 arrived with us, albeit a bit late for some serious time in use.

IMA Lipper 120 - Bora

However, I did manage to give it some time on a couple of trips and this is what I found…..the first thing to notice is the heavy rattles which as well as adding attraction on retrieve, move freely up and down the lure to aid casting. As is the case with most IMA lures the Lipper 120 casts extremely well with a good amount of accuracy. On a medium retrieve with the rod tip straight or slightly down it swims as expected/stated - a nice rolling action between the surface and a nice reasonably shallow 30cm. 

Although in the short time I used it I didn't manage to catch any fish there was one last thing that really impressed me with this lure - that big ‘face’….on any retrieve lift up the rod tip and suddenly it makes a lovely disturbance on the surface…I can't wait for the weather and water clarity to improve to see some proper action and some fish with this lure.

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