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Penn Conflict Inshore Rods

From the new 2022 range from Penn there was this range of rods - the Conflict Inshore…with the pandemic related absence of a trade again in 2021 I had to purchase these blind, just based on specification and instinct as well as some assurance from the sales rep. When they arrived I have to admit there were 2 thoughts that immediately crossed my mind. The first was ‘wow’ and the second was ‘why didn’t I order more?'

With reference to the second thought firstly - this has been rectified and more have been ordered….

Now let me explain the first thought…I am of the opinion and have even happily mentioned to the sales rep on more than one occasion that whilst I am a big fan of many of the rods across the range from Penn they have never really been a brand synonymous with the types of lure rods that are favoured by most UK customers for modern lure fishing….Japanese style, slim, fast action blanks with small lightweight guides - well, it has to be said that with the Conflict Inshore range this is now old news!

Now for some finer detail and better introductions to why I think this is such a good range of rods - do note though that none of this is meant to sound like one of those ‘best rods since sliced bread’ things though…keep reading and you'll hopefully see what I am aiming at here. In the Conflict Inshore range there are 2 sub ranges if you like - known as the Conflict Inshore and the Conflict XR Inshore. The Conflict range is based around as the catalogue states, an extra fast Japanese style low diameter blank constructed with carbon X-Wrap technology.  Finished off with SW proof K -type guides and VSS style reel seats this range comprises 9 different models ranging in price from £69.99-£89.99.

The Conflict XR range is different in that the blank is of a higher quality carbon and the use of Fuji Alconite K-type guides and a Fuji VSS reel seat. In this range there are 7 different models to choose from with the price range being £124.99-£149.99… here is the reason for the first part of my excitement about these rods then is that I am more than happy and confident that they fit perfectly within their price brackets as a worthy consideration for customer purchases. As an example, for those who know me will know that my favoured line up for a so called entry level rod for general lure fishing was previously based around the following rods, Favourite Cobalt 902MH, HTO Lure Game HLG27MH or a Major Craft Ceana CNS 802MH, well now you can confidently throw in the Penn Conflict Inshore 9' 30g or 8'2 45g for 2 examples.

Penn Conflict XR 1+1

The second exciting bit for me, is the inclusion in both ranges of models aimed at boat lure fishing, again doing this the modern way! Shorter rods comprising a short butt and long tip design/construction.  I know there are some very nice rods out there such as those offered by Smith, Tenryu and the HTO Nebula SP but for those customers who are looking for something a bit more entry level or not requiring such a big budget as it may not get used that frequently for instance, now we have something to fill that gap leading us to a straightforward conclusion to this article, these rods come from a very reputable brand with good availability and superb back up service.

Should you need any further information then please feel free to contact us……

The Conflict Inshore can be purchased here

The Conflict XR Inshore can be purchased here



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Have you any idea how the conflict xr for bass compares to the xr for egi. I have only been able to hold the egi in person and its extremely light with a nice tip action, now I'm thinking about buying the bass version but not sure if it will be stiffer and heavier