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Soft Plastics A Team Box

Exclusively from High Street Tackle - The Soft Plastics A Team Box…..

Borne from ideas discussed with several of my friends and a combined desire to help people, especially those starting out, this selection was launched some time ago but only available by messaging us….due to its popularity it is now available to buy in the usual way alongside everything else…..

If you’re new to lure fishing…if you’re new to fishing with soft plastics then here is a deal you cannot afford to miss.

A hand picked selection of the most renowned fish catching soft plastics all pre rigged and especially selected to introduce you to this type of lure fishing. All of these lures are not normally sold as singles and for anybody starting out it can be daunting and an expensive initial outlay so here it is made easier with top quality components throughout.

Each set comprises the following

IMA In The Pool shallow lure box

2 x Megabass Spindle Worms - weedless and weightless

2 x Megabass Spindle Worms - on Decoy Violence jig heads

1 x Albie Snax - weedless and weightless

1 x Wave Worm - weedless and weightless

2 x OSP Do Live Sticks - weedless and weightless

1 x Fiiish Black Minnow 12g

1 x Fiiish Crazy Paddletail 7g

To take advantage of this very special selection click this link below…..


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