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The IMA Sasuke....

IMA Sasuke….

The Sasuke family of IMA Lures is probably the largest from this iconic and reputable Japanese brand. My thoughts behind this article being that with such a diverse range to it, I think it would be wrong for anyone to simply say ‘I don’t like or have any success with Sasukes'….

At High Street Tackle we stock, as you would expect a large selection of various models in a wide range of colours.

As our range of IMA products has expanded I have been continually surprised at the offerings of Sasukes and thereby the massive versatility of this one range.

The purpose of this article is to cover some of what we sell and maybe make you aware of one or more that you would like to introduce to your A Team box….

The range from Japan starts at 50mm and covers several sizes up to 140mm with floating and sinking versions available in many of these sizes.


As of last year the smallest size we have in stock is the 95mm version. Although I have not fished with any of these yet I really like the look of this lure and intend to use one in 2022. In your hand it looks and feels the size of a little bait fish, much like it is supposed to I imagine and if you are into ‘matching the hatch’ then there should be a time and place in most peoples outings that this lure would possibly be a perfect solution - certainly if you are a fan of smaller lures such as the Patchinko 100/85, Komomo 2 90 or the Chappy 80 for example then here is your opportunity to have something that size reach considerably further down the water column.

There is a floating model SF95 - 8g, 10-60cm

and a sinking model SS95 - 10g, 40-60cm.

Sasuke 95 - perfect small bait fish size


The 100HS is a superb looking lure with some interesting specifications to it that could make it very useful in some specific situations. On the whole it has a very similar profile to the Komomo 2 90 apart from its ‘face’. This short squat little 100mm lure weighs in at 30g which for its short length is very heavy compared to many. It is rated to swim at 100-120cm. The compact size and heavy weight will ensure that the 100HS achieves a good casting distance and then being able to cut through the surf achieving the maximum depth nice and quickly. On retrieve its long lip and curved body produce a steady wobbling roll for enticement.

The Sasuke 100HS (bottom) compared to the Komomo II 90

Sasuke 105

For the 105mm version there is only one model available - floating. We have only recently taken on this model and to be honest when the first ones arrived I was pleasantly surprised. It again has a good profile and size to it considering its length - at only 10mm longer than the 95mm models, both in the hand and side by side with the 95 it is definitely a much bigger lure and for that reason definitely another worthy consideration. 

As a point of interest the owner of the company that distribute IMA into the UK has told me several times that the Sasuke 105 is one of his favourite lures, particularly the Aji version and it was this that inspired him to have this colour produced on all of the recently introduced models - solely for the UK market.

A double hook up of Dorset bass on the Sasuke 105 in Aji 

Sasuke 120

In the 120mm range there are four models Reppa (sinking and floating versions), Rekku and Goriki. Obviously all are 120mm long, some of the other differences follow below.

The 120 models are the most popular, probably due to the popularity of lures in this size range and I know of several customers that refer to them as their go to lure for most of their bass fishing.

120 Goriki

The Goriki is a floating lure with a thicker set body than the Reppa, a ladle lip that bites firmly into the waves and equipped with 2 hooks. At 19g it has enough weight to gain a good casting distance and on retrieval will give the familiar Sasuke rolling wobble achieving a depth of 50-100mm. The straighter bottom edge to the lip gives this lure a markedly sharper pitched rolling action.

120 Rekku

The Rekku is the newest addition to the Sasuke family released in October 2020. It is the first Sasuke model to feature the IMA MRD system. MRD is an acronym for Magnetic Rebound Driving.

The shifting weight transfer system (MRD) adds accuracy and distance to the casting ability. Once in the water the weight will then be in the right place to aid the stability and action of the lure. With the same body profile as the Goriki and weighing 20g but with the rounded lip profile of the Reppa models the Rekku is rated to swim with its wobbling/rolling action to depths of 60-80cm. The rounded lip is said to give the lure a more moderate pitched rolling action than the Goriki style with the straight edge.

120 Reppa

For the Sasuke 120 Reppa there are 2 versions available - floating and sinking. The Reppa has a slightly slimmer profile to the Goriki and Rekku models and the same rounded lip profile as the Rekku giving it an enticing slow wobble on retrieving. The Reppa differs from the other models in being equipped with 3 smaller trebles compared to 2 larger ones.

The sinking models weigh 18g and swim at 70-100cm compared to the floating models 17g and 70-90cm.

The lip details - the Goriki on the left compared to the  Reppa/Rekku on the right

Sasuke 130 Goriki

The Sasuke 130 along with the 95 is the model that inspired me to want to write this article - it is often overlooked I think and more people should give it some consideration. At 130mm it is still not that long but being a Goriki model it does have a very thick set body all round that gives it quite a presence - so think, when the bass are not feeding on sandeels and small fry this lure could possibly make a good job of looking like their quarry. As with all of the Sasukes it has nice heavy rattles, it weighs 25g and is rated to swim at 80-120cm. Equipped with 2 trebles and undoubtedly the long casting ability of most other IMA lures, I am going to make use of one this year…..


Sasuke 140

The 140mm range is covered by two models, a sinking or floating Reppa - so the slightly slimmer version with the smaller rounded lip and 3 hooks. These are nice long lures that definitely lend themselves to being fished in a variety of ways to suit conditions and the presentation you wish to achieve.

The 140 does seem to fall in and out of favour from a sales point of view but I am sure that is probably customers choice and not the fish!

Again the heavy rattles are going to add attraction and aid the casting distance on both models the other specifications being as follows. The floating version weighs 20g and swims at 60-100cm,

and the sinking version weighs in at 21g and swims 70-100cm.

What does the future hold for the Sasukes?….

I have been allowed to show you two new Sasuke models scheduled for release later this year - commissioned by the UK distributor we will have 140 and 120 Reppa models added to the list of models available in Pearl White……

Arriving in 2022 Sasuke 120 and 140 Reppa in Pearl White


To sum up…

Hopefully you have enjoyed reading this article and maybe found out something you didn’t realise about this large family called Sasuke. As mentioned at the beginning the Sasuke family is a large, quite diverse one. As well as the range of sizes there are 2 main body styles and 2 different lip designs. Should you require any further information then always feel free to contact us, pop in to our shop in North Devon or click the link below to view online from the largest selection of IMA lures in the UK.



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