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Fiiish Black Minnow Heads Size 3 120mm All Sizes

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6g Shallow – 0.5m - 4m
12g Shore - 1m - 8m
18g Search - 4m -12m
25g Off Shore – 4m – 15m
37g Extra Deep - 15m -30m


50g Extra Deep is ONE head per pack

Fiiish Black Minnow heads are made especially for use with the Black Minnow bodies – the bodies come in a variety of sizes and so do the heads for each body size.

The choice of head will depend on the use you have in mind for the lure – as with all lures the Fiiish Black Minnow can be effective used with a sink and draw retrieve, fast and slow retrieves through various depths of water or simply bounced along the bottom. The following is a guide to the terminology used for each head throughout the range and what it means.

Shallow – a lighter resin head ideal for fishing in shallow, heavily weeded and snaggy ground.
Shore – a great option for fishing in shallower water from the shore or boat using a slower retrieve.
Search – carefully designed and weighted to give the lure the appearance of a baitfish feeding on the bottom.
Off shore – designed with a sharper profile to cut into deeper water perfect for fishing a slow to medium paced sink and draw retrieve on the bottom.
Deep – designed to find the fish in deep water.
Extra Deep – heavy enough to be very quick sinking for the deepest water and stronger currents.

Patented PH2S Rigging System, this innovative system has been designed to allow the use of the hidden, hinged hook. The head and body of the lure are articulated which increase hook ups and enhances action.

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    Black Minnow Heads 6g Size 3 120mm
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