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Fiiish Crazy Sandeel

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The Fiiish Crazy Sandeel is available in combos or separate bodies and heads in many sizes and colours.
Work it fast and use it to really search areas and water columns. The Fiiish Crazy Sandeel is an excellent imitation but you need to wake this lure up - rip it! 
There’s a speed where this lure suddenly comes to life, and you will feel it on your rod tip. Swim it slowly and the Fiiish Crazy Sandeel isn’t doing much, but now increase the speed and literally rip it through the water and we defy you to find a better looking sandeel imitation. Jaw-dropping, make no mistake, and it’s so easy to fish with, whatever the size you need to use for your fishing. We feel that we’re almost “setting” the lure on the rip, and when you then need to let the lure drop and wind back to it, hold on, because this is when you are most likely to get nailed - on the drop. Bass to tuna, pollack to striped bass, “Le Crazy” as they call it in France is a wonderfully versatile and deadly lure.
The Fiiish Crazy Sandeel has body sizes starting at 100mm up to 300mm and heads from 5g to in excess of 100g.