IMA Hound 100F Sonic

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IMA Hound 100F Sonic 

The Ima Hound Sonic 100F is a long casting minnow which digs in well in rough conditions.

The Hound 100F sonic achieves the largest flight distance among 100mm class minnows by adopting a teardrop-type body shape specific to the Hound series (* discontinued models). It specializes in rivers and open oceans with deep water, and can search widely in open areas, etc. where points are difficult to squeeze. Moreover, not only the long throw performance, but also the straight flight performance is provided by the stable flight attitude, so it is also OK for pin spots such as inside the bridge piers and light and dark sections in canals and small and medium rivers. Although it is a floating type, its lure 's Goriki is that it adapts well to water by setting its buoyancy. When landing on the water, it is possible to swim sharply from the rising edge by making it easy to return the weight forward by impact. The action is based on woven roll, but since it is easy to cause irregular action by a slight flow of water, it is also attractive that it is easy to put the predatory switch when the sea bass has been chased.

Total length: 100 mm
Weight: 14g
Type: Floating range: 40-80 cm
Action: Woven Roll Hook: # 4
Ring: # 3

  • Colour:
    Black and Black X4753
  • Model:
    Hound Sonic 100F
  • Brand: