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IMA Komomo SF125 Mullet

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The IMA Komomo SF125 is a long-casting, shallow diving bass lure that quite simply catches plenty of bass, and very importantly is ideal to fish at longer range over the sort of shallow, rough ground that so many of us love to fish. Shaped a bit like an arrow, the IMA Komomo SF-125 (125mm, 16g, rigged with three Owner ST-46 size 4 treble hooks, rated to swim 0-30cm) casts a long way and responds well to a smooth casting style that helps to set the lure and get those moveable weights working inside the body. A simple straight retrieve can sometimes be all it needs to get bass hitting this lure, and you can vary your speed to slightly change the action. Raise your tip slightly if you want it to swim a little shallower as well, and slowing down at the same time really increases that gorgeous “wiggle”. The sloping face on the lure promotes a stunning action, and whilst this is definitely a go-to lure over shallow ground, don’t ignore how the SF-125 can also draw bass up from deeper water.