Samson Lures

Samson Lures are made in England and developed by an Englishman. The aim was to produce a long casting lure to catch a wide range of fish in varying conditions. There was also a need for a certain amount of versatility and durability. This has been achieved with the extended range of Samson Lures. 
These lures were developed with a lot of overseas fishing in mind with target species such as GTs and tuna. For these conditions it was necessary to have a lure that was not only strong but also could hold its own in rough surf conditions.
This is where we come to why we are selling them here - it is not only my opinion but also that of several other people that we are potentially missing out on some good fishing opportunities. There are many surf beaches particularly here in the South West that are known to hold good numbers of bass and relatively close in - so why not give it a try??
We have had the lures on trial for some time now and people have been catching on them.