Van Fook 55B Flat Offset Weedless Hooks All Sizes

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Van Fook 55B Flat Offset Weedless Worm Hooks
The VANFOOK Worm-55B Flat Offset Hooks have a shallower profile than the standard worm-55B hook allowing for better rigging of slimmer stick/swim baits e.g. Senkos, Slugos etc. Perfect for all hard fighting fresh and saltwater species like bass, wrasse, pollock, pike and zander
  • Ideal for slimmer bodied soft-plastics and swimbaits
  • Super strong, High carbon steel
  • Micro-Barb with a Ultra Sharp durable Point
  • Wide gap

The ultra sharp, durable point and micro barb have a dual advantage of improving hook-ups and minimise damage to fish and lures.

Made from a light weight but super strong high-power carbon steel wire, they offer maximum performance when using soft-plastics whose action could be damaged

Size 1, 2 and 1/0 - 8 hooks
Size 2/0 - 6 hooks
Size 3/0 - 5 hooks
Size 4/0 - 4 hooks


  • Brand:
    Van Fook