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Xorus Frosty II

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Xorus make some of the most reputable hard plastic bass fishing lures currently available and this is one of the most famous of them – the Frosty II.

The Xorus Frosty II is an awesome topwater fishing lure measuring 129mm and weighing 16g with not just a reputation for catching fish but also its immense casting ability – allowing you to cover a much greater area searching out the best fish.

Fitted with high quality Decoy treble hooks.

Internal rattles to help draw fish up to the lure. The Frosty II is the Patchinko's slightly subtler and less brash cousin. It has the same angled face as the Patchinko but the body is slimmer and more streamlined which gives you the option to work it in a more subtle manner. 
Where the Frosty II really scores is on those calm days when although the fish are on or near the surface normal lures are at best failing to work and at worst even scaring the fish. These are just the conditions when slowly working a Frosty II can induce a take from what may otherwise appear to be an uncatchable fish.
The tail weighted design gives you long accurate casting and built in rattles add to the attractiveness.

As with the Patchinko, the Frosty II almost works itself due to its ingenious shape, however its effectiveness can be increased by adding your own actions to it. Some anglers recommend that adding a ‘walk the dog’ action with the rod tip increases takes. Others suggest a ‘twitch, twitch, pause’ style of retrieve, often finding that the take comes on the pause, our recommendation as with all of the lures we sell is that you try various styles of retrieve until you find which works for you on your marks and don’t forget different things may work on different days.

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